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About Viruses ...
Computer viruses range from pesky to outright dangerous. Some just display a message, while others erase your entire hard disk. Clicking on what looks like a harmless e-mail message can lead to hours of recovery efforts, if not irreparable damage. Learn about the different types of computer "infection" and how to avoid them.
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About Firewalls...
Firewalls have helped protect computers in large companies for years. Learn how firewalls work and why you might want one for your business or home network.
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About Spyware... Spyware is programming that is put in someone's computer to secretly gather information about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested parties.
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We love to be contacted! Contacts mean service calls, service calls means revenue, and revenue makes us happy. It takes lots of revenue to keep us on the "bleeding" edge of PC technology. We love having the fastest "PCs" on the block. Beep...Beep!

Call us at: 727-523-7406

If we are temporarily unavailable (servicing someone else's PC), our voice mail service, will record your message, and then the service will notify us via our pagers. If technology works (it usually does), we should be able to respond to you within 15 minutes of your initial call.

We also have cell phone and pager numbers, but they are only give out to our established clients.

E-mail us at: gil@cyberhome-fl.com

E-mail messages take longer to answer. If we are out servicing PCs (making revenue) we can't be watching the incoming mail.

We have a Fax: 727-523-7506

It is always on and it always works. Isn't technology great?

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